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Macedonian Cities -- Prilep
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PrilepWho would imagine that a tiny spot on the world map can have a big Beer Fest? It happens in the Macedonian town of Prilep every July. Consume tremendous fun drinking tons of beer and partying till dawn. The heroic town of Prilep, also known as tobacco town (find out why!), is located in the Pelagonija plain in the central part of southern Macedonia. Covering an area of 511.97 square kilometers, the town has 73,351 citizens. It abounds in historical monuments telling fascinating tales of its past and interesting events to attend all year round.

  The Clock Tower
  Monastery of Sveti Arhangeli – Holy Archangels
  Marko’s Towers
  Marko’s Towers Fortress
  The Grave of the undefeated
  The church of the Holy Virgin, Treskavec Monastery
  Canyon of river Gradesnica
Famous for
  Macedonian Sivec marble
  International Painting Colony
  Vojdan Cernodrinski Theatre Festival
  Pece Atanasovski Festival
  “The Heroic Town”
  Prilep Beer Fest
Did you know
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