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Prilep Monuments
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The Clock TowerThe Clock Tower
Centrally located, it was erected in 1858, when trade and craftsmanship flourished in Prilep. The monumental stone tower was constructed by the well-known master mason Peter Laucot. It is interesting to note that the 39-meter-tall tower has a 107cm vertical inclination with an inscription in Persian meaning "Each ring of the clock means your life is one hour shorter."

Holy ArchangelsMonastery of Sveti Arhangeli – Holy Archangels
The original monastery complex was built during the 11th or 12th century. Additional buildings were built in phases, including several inns, which were added in the 19th century. The temple is dedicated to the Holy Archangels with frescoes dating from 1270-80. The portraits of Kings Volkasin and Marko were painted in 1371 on the west façade of the eastern Church, where the second ever written document in the Cyrillic alphabet is found.

Marko’s TowersMarko’s Towers
This natural phenomenon is composed of numerous denudation forms comprising an outstanding sculpture of nature. This natural beauty is often compared to the “Meteors” in Greece and Capadoccia in Turkey. Alongside the remnants of an old settlement, there is a stone throne, which was used for the kings' coronation. According to contemporary geochronological research, granite was intruded about 300 years ago into the older gneisses, the age of which is estimated at around 720 million years. There is also a sculpture of an elephant as a complete work of nature.

Marko’s Towers FortressMarko’s Towers Fortress
The fortress known as Marko’s Towers was first constructed in the 4th century B.C. and was gradually built on up to the 14th century. It is considered to be one of the least conquerable fortresses in the Balkans. The remnants dating from the Early Iron Age, through Antiquity and all the way to the Late Middle Ages, indicate that the fortress was a large and permanently inhabited settlement.

The Grave of the UndefeatedThe Grave of the Undefeated
The memorial complex called Grave of the Undefeated in Prilep is the earliest example of memorial and spatial ambient design of monumental construction in Macedonia. It was constructed in 1962 by architect Bogdan Bogdanovic. Many symbolic civilization notes, dating from Antiquity on the territory of Macedonia are incorporated in the memorial complex, forming a unique synthesis with the monumental artistic expression.

Treskavec MonasteryThe Church of the Holy Virgin, Treskavec Monastery
The Treskavec Monastery complex, assembled from many edifices of different periods, is located on a hill known as Golden Peak and has a panoramic view of the Pelagonian Plain. The monastery, which is dedicated to the Holy Virgin, is believed to have been constructed in the 13th century and restored in the 19th century. The frescoes in the church are from different periods, the earliest dating from the 14th and the latest from the mid 19th century. The monastery is well known for its wood carved furnishings.

Canyon of River GradesnicaCanyon of River Gradesnica
The River Gradesnica Canyon is situated in the Mariovo area, downstream from the village of Zovic, and is part of the lower course of this river. In this part of the terrain, the river has deepened its bed into the granite rock mass, and river erosion has created deep gorge or canyon-like valley with side’s height of around 100m and bed width of around 10m.


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