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Prilep famous for
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Tobacco is one of the traditional cash crops that grow in the Macedonian climate. Many of the world's largest cigarette makers use this tobacco to enrich the aroma and quality of their cigarettes. The Tobacco Institute has therefore been established in Prilep for the purpose of producing new types of tobacco.

Macedonian Sivec marbleMacedonian Sivec marble
In addition to tobacco, the town is also known for the Macedonian Sivec marble, found in the mountains surrounding Prilep. This marble is famous worldwide for its strength and clean white appearance.

International Painting Colony
The International Painting Colony takes place in Prilep in the period between 1 July and 10 August every year. Since 1957, the painting colony has included events such as sculptors' symposium, plastic wood workshops, or ateliers for metal sculpture.

Vojdan Cernodrinski Theatre FestivalVojdan Cernodrinski Theatre Festival
One of the best theatre festivals in Macedonia, “Vojdan Cernodrinski,” has been held in Prilep every year since 1965, traditionally opening on the first Friday in June to last seven days. Over the years, a number of theater groups from Macedonia performed at this festival and competed for the most prestigious prize. Its goal is to boost domestic theater creativity.

Pece Atanasovski FestivalPece Atanasovski Festival
The Pece Atanasovski Festival of hand-made folk instruments and folk music is held in the village of Dolneni near Prilep every year. The festival is named after the most famous instrumentalist and bagpipe soloist in Macedonia. In 1968, Pece Atanasovski won the first prize in a Sicily competition of 1,800 bagpipers from all over the world. Each year on 22-23 May, 400 participants from Macedonia and abroad perform at this festival in Dolneni.

“The Heroic Town”
At the outbreak of World War II, the first to raise their voice and weapons against the fascists in Macedonia were the people of Prilep on 11 October 1941.  It was therefore proclaimed "the heroic town" in 1956 as a tribute to all 8,000 partisans.

Prilep Beer Fest
This is an international beer and grill festival -- Beer Fest. The festival takes place on the streets of Prilep, usually in the beginning of July. Many renowned beer producers from the Balkans and beyond participate in this event. Sausages and burgers, endless streams of beer, and great music to everyone's taste contribute to the merry atmosphere of this three-day festival.


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