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Macedonian Relief
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As geologists have stated long ago, Macedonia — in a morphotectonic respect — resembles a chessboard. The macro relief of this small country was formed in a tectonic process into mountains and valleys. In the east, the mountains of Plackovica, Malesevo, Ograzden, Belasica, and Kozuf are located as a part of the Rhodope range, while in the west, the Sar-Pindus group of mountains includes Mt. Sar and its lesser peak of Titov Vrv (2,748m), Mt. Turcin (2,702m), Mt. Bristavec (2,675m), Mt. Ljuboten (2,498m), Mt. Kobilica (2,528m), Mt. Korab with the peaks Golem Korab ("Big Korab") (2,753 metres above sea level — the highest peak in the country) and Mala Korapska Vrata (2,425m), Mt. Desat and Velivar Peak (2,373m), Mt. Bistra (2,101m), Mt. Stogovo with Golem Rid Peak (2,268m), Mt. Stogovo (2,218m) and Mt. Babin Srt (2,240m), Mt. Jakupica with peaks at Solunska Glava (2,539m) and Karadzica (2,472m), Mt. Galicica with Mataro Peak (2,254m), and Mt. Baba with peaks at Pelister (2,601m) and Veternica (2,420m).


Between these mountains a number of fertile fields are located, such as the Pelagonija plain of Bitola-Prilep, the Polog plain betwen Tetovo and Gostivar, the Skopje plain, the Ovce Pole plain, the Tikves plain, the Prespa plain, and sundry smaller, lesser plains.

From Macedonia Yesterday and Today by Jovan Pavlovski & Misel Pavlovski (

Translated by: Zaharija Pavlovska

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