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Macedonian Cities -- Prespa
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Prespa is situated in the southwestern part of Macedonia, between the two national parks: Pelister and Galicica. It has moderate continental climate, but the influences from the Mediterranean bring warm summers with cool and fresh nights and mild winters. Prespa has a very important geostrategic position. During the existence of the Roman Empire, some very significant roads, such as Via Ignatia Road, passed through Prespa, and made it a popular trading center. Along this monumentally long Roman road, many settlements were built. Because of its good position and great importance, Prespa was made the capital during the reign of Tsar Samoil.

Lake Prespa
  Snake Island
  Mt. Galicica
  St. George Church, Kurbinovo
What to see
  The Bird Sanctuary –Ezerani
  Brajcino village
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