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Archeology – Tumba Madzari Waiting to Become Neolith Village 7 Mar 2007
Archeological research will begin in spring at neolith site Tumba Madzari, led by archeologist Dragisa Zdravkovski, who hopes that the idea to turn it into a neolith village and open museum would be revived.
According to him, the construction of neolith residences is not that expensive.
“Structures made of dirt and straw are easy to maintain. There are four neolith residences at Kostursko Lake already built. Tumba Madzari can offer a lot in a tourist sense. All comparative advantages to make an open museum still exist. The idea exists, and the Museum of Macedonia is ready to realize it”, says Zdravkovski.
Tumba Madzari is one of the most significant neolith sites in Macedonia, which produced the most representative finding – Goddess Mother – in 1981, which confirmed the existence of the cult of the Great Mother.
“This was the basic cult in the early Stone Age, but the thing that separates this site as a unique unit is the artistic performance of this cult. The exhibition gallery in the Museum of Macedonia includes about ten parts of items that convey the worship of this cult”, underlines Zdravkovski.

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