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Drama Theatre Performs "Alexander" in Belgrade
26 Nov 2010
Drama Theatre in Skopje is visiting Narodno Pozoriste in Belgrade on 8th September where the Skopje theatre is marking Macedonia's Independence Day with "Alexander" authored and directed by Ljubisa Georgievski, the Ambassador of Macedonia to Belgrade.
Macedonian Pianist Dino Imeri Opens Piano Plage Festival in France
27 Jul 2010
Young pianist Dino Imeri opened the Piano Plage Festival in Quistreham, France with a solo concert on 19th July. Imeri performed pieces by Schuman, Ravel, Haydn, Prokofiev and Chopinн. The festival has seen participation of pianists from several European countries including Poland, Moldova, and France.
Joana Popovski Receives "Actor of Europe" Award in Kosovo
27 Apr 2010
Bitola actress Joana Popovska has won award “Actress of Europe” for the fourth time in her career. She performed “Chairs” by Ionesco, directed by Ljuba Milosevic at festival “Mono Akt” in Pristina and Pec, (Kosovo). “I feel wonderful. It is a great honor for an actor to win this award four times. I have been in this profession for 50 years, but I never thought these successes would come at this time”, stressed Popovska.
ICOMOS Marks Day of World Heritage
19 Apr 2010
Macedonian National Committee of the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) organised a forum on the topic “Agricultural Heritage” at St. Joakim Osogovski Monastery at the weekend to mark 18th April, the International Day of Monuments and Sites, or the Day of World Heritage. The participants in the forum also visited Lesnovo Monastery and Bargala Archaeological Site.
New London Choir Closes Days of Macedonian Music
31 Mar 2010
Days of Macedonian Music close with a concert of New London Chamber Choir in the Skopje Museum on Wednesday evening at 20,00h. Under the baton of James Weeks, the choir will perform “Three Songs for a Wounded Being” by Danajloska, “Echos” by Spasov, “Nuits” by Xenakis, “Lux Aeterna” by Ligeti, “Lake” by Andreevska...
Premiere of "Vladimir and Kosara" at Skopje Summer
27 Jul 2010
"Vladimir and Kosara," a play by Zagorka Pop-Antoska Andovska, the production of the JKP Culture Centre - Montenegro, Barski Letopis Festivall and the co-production of the Skopje Summer is premiering at the Kursumli An at 8:30 p.m. today. Directed by Slobodan Milatovic, the play is adapted and translated by Ljubomir Dzurkovic.
First Conference on Selling, Negotiating and Networking
7 May 2010
The world’s #1 sales expert – Tom Hopkins, the man dubbed “Creator of sales Champions”, the man with over 30 years of top notch results in direct sales , the man who has successfully trained over 3 million sales professionals from 5 continents – on 1st of June is coming to Skopje.
Cinematographer Ljube Petkovski Receives "Golden Camera Lens" Award
27 Apr 2010
Doyen of Macedonian cinematography Ljube Petkovski (b.1924) was awarded Monday by the Macedonian Cinematheque with “Golden Camera Lens” award for outstanding achievements in Macedonia’s film industry. Throughout his career he has worked at about 100 feature and documentary films and has received high recognitions at international festivals.
Early Roman Man’s Head Unearthed at Stobi Archaeological Site
19 Apr 2010
A man’s head and a small torso have been excavated at the Stobi archaeological site. According to archaeologists, the items probably belong to a large Early Roman sculpture. Stobi National Institution Director Silvana Blazevska says this is about a rare and important archaeological finding that will enable knowledge about people at that time in more detail.
London Ovations for Trpcevski
30 Mar 2010
Macedonian piano virtuoso Simon Trpceski won over the audience in renowned London cultural center “Barbican”. His recent performance with the London Symphony Orchestra was rewarded with standing ovations, following the performance of pieces by Grieg, Sibelius and Lindberg, during an evening dedicated to Scandinavian music masters.
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