Painter Stefan Pleskonjic -- Wonder Child of Mozart’s Rank

stefan-pleskonjic-1Stefan Pleskonjic was born in Skopje on 1 April 1995. He made his first steps in fine art at the age of 2.5, inspired by Kiro Urdin's “Planetarium.” The boy started painting on the premises of St. Archangel Mihail Monastery lodge in the village of Teovo, a donation from his grandfather Stojko Ristovski. In a short while, he made 30 paintings, out of which 15 were exhibited during the monastery's consecration on 17 May 1998.

He continued painting intensely. Noting the maturity of his works, Kiro Urdin proposed organizing an exhibition in Skopje. Pleskonjic’s second exhibition opened at Stobi Art Gallery on 19 December 1998. Highlights of the opening ceremony were broadcast in Macedonia, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, and Cyprus.

stefan-pleskonjic-2His third solo exhibition was organized at NATO's headquarters in Brussels, 6-22 September 2000, while the fourth solo exhibition took place in Warsaw, Poland, 12-22 September 2002. The fifth solo exhibition was held at Daut Pasa Amam Art Gallery in Skopje, 11-30 April 2003. The sixth solo exhibition was held at the Gallery of Foreign Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, 25 Jun-7 Jul 2003, when he won the prestigious “Star of the 21st Century” Award.

Pleskonjic took part in the first group exhibition at the UN seat, 8-11 May 2002.

stefan-pleskonjic-3All his exhibitions were followed by great media publicity, which corresponds with his “interesting” age and, of course, the seriousness of his works.