Macedonian Cities -- Kicevo Monuments


Monastery of The Holy Immaculate Virgin of Kicevo
On the picturesque slopes of Mt. Vrvoi, just 12km away from Kicevo, is a monastery complex of the Holy Virgin. The buildings of the complex, also known as the Monastery of Krnino, were damaged several times over the centuries, especially in the 16th and in the first half of the 19th centuries. Thanks to the aid and donations of people from western Macedonia, the church was rebuilt in 1848 and painted in 1852 by artist Dico from the village of Tresonce.

Monastery of The Holy Immaculate Virgin

Charnel House
Kicevo's Charnel House is one of the earliest and most significant memorial complexes in Macedonia. It was constructed in 1963 as a joint creation of sculptor Jordan Grabuloski and Czech architect Ladislav Kubes. The exterior and the interior show a stylized figural composition with a powerful narration of the National Liberation War in Macedonia.