Macedonian Cities -- Pelister National Park

The Mt. Pelister range is cut by a large number of streams and rivers with clear cold water. They are real ornaments to the mountain and ennoble the landscape through which they flow. Pelister National Park was established in 1948 and is of great importance for Macedonia's natural heritage.

Pelister EyesThe Big and Small Lakes are above the upper range of the forest and due to their glacial origin they are called "Pelister Eyes."
The Big Lake is at an altitude of 2,218m and it extends northsouth. It is 233m long, 162m wide, and 14.5m deep. The Small Lake is at an altitude of 2,100m and is 79m long, 68m wide, and 2.5m deep. Some of the rivers flow down to the Adriatic Sea through Lake Prespa and some of them down to the White (Aegean) Sea.

MolikaThe vegetation represents a natural arboretum - 88 species of ligneous plants classified into 23 families grow here, which is 29 percent of the entire dendroflora in Macedonia. The indigenous phenomenon of the Park, the five-leaf pine Molica (Pinus-peuce-Gris) is a relic of tertiary and Balkan endemite. The Molica tree was first discovered by Austrian botanist Grizenbach in 1839. In its natural surroundings Molica grows upon high mountains at an altitude of 700-2,000m.

Several kinds of animals are typical of the national park - the brown bear, the roe deer, the wolf, the red deer, the wild boar, and the endemic Macedonian Pelagonija front, which lives only in the waters of Mt. Baba and Pelister.

Pelister animals

According to a 1988 plan, three zones are determined in the Park:
a) Strictly protected - 1,500 hectares
b) Tourist and recreational - 4,200 hectares
c) Ameliorative zone - 6,300 hectares

IconPelister National Park also houses numerous cultural and historical monuments, such at Trnovo village, Magarevo village, the churches of St. Georgi and St. Dimitri, and the monasteries of St. Ana and St. Spas.


Pelister SnowPelister has the necessary prerequisites to grow into an important sport centre for mass tourism and winter sports. Outstanding well-known space planning professionals have therefore done some research.