Macedonian Cities -- Kratovo


The town of bridges and towers that carries the smell of the past and tells stories of times long gone is situated on the western side of Mount Osogovo on the remains of a dormant volcano. Kratovo has about 64,000 citizens and is 93 km away from Skopje. The town is about 600m above sea level, which accounts for its mild climate.


Kratovo was known as early as the Roman era as an important mining center under the name Cratiscara. During the Byzantine period, Kratovo was mentioned as Koritos or Koriton and was also known as the city of gold and silver. It used to be a mining town until the Karpos Uprising in 1689, when the town was devastated and the mine closed. In 1805 the mine was rented by Ali Beg majdemdzija ('miner' in Turkish) and the work continued again.


  Lesnovo Monastery
  Stone Dolls