Macedonian Cities -- Ohrid

OhridThe town of Ohrid, situated on the shore of Lake Ohrid, with its natural beauties, historical and cultural heritage enjoys the protection of UNESCO. This “hidden pearl” on the Balkan Peninsula is famous for its 365 churches, one for each day of the year. Its exquisite natural beauty and the unique charm of the old part of the town make Ohrid one of the most desirable destinations for visitors to Macedonia. Located in the southwest, the town is 180km away from Skopje and has a population of 54,380.

Lake Ohrid
  Antique Amphitheater
  St. Sofija Church
  St. Bogorodica-Perivleptos/St. Clement
  King Samuel's Fortress
  St. John the Theologian Church -- Kaneo
  St. Naum Monastery
  National Museum
  Zeynel Pasha Tekke
  Ohrid Summer Festival
  Balkan Festival
  Ohrid International Swimming Marathon
  Macedonian Language, Literature, and Culture Seminar
  Ohridski Trubaduri Festival
Do not miss
  Hand-made paper workshop
  Oldest tree on the Balkans