Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art


Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art was founded on 12th February 1964 with an act of the Skopje Assembly. The idea behind its formation originated from the fact that a multitude of artists from all over the world started donating their art works immediately after the disastrous earthquake in Skopje [1963].

Polish architects presented the museum building project to the city, while the city assembly provided funds for its construction. The museum building covers an exhibition area of over 3,500sq.m., with depots and other rooms serving the purpose of this exceptionally important cultural institution.

Museum of Contemporary Art

The fund of donated works exceeds 4,000 art works by several hundreds of artists in various fields from all over the world.

With its plentiful and diverse activity, the Museum of Contemporary Art ranks among the top museums not only in Skopje and Macedonia, but in the region, as well.

From Stara Skopska Carsija (The Old Skopje Bazaar) by Kosta Balabanov

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