Academician Bosevski, Professor Tentov at Congress "Pre-Cyrillic Literacy and Pre-Christian Culture among Slavs"

Russians and other Slavs did not migrate from the north to the south, instead they originated from the south and moved to the north, claimed Russian academician Valery Chudinov, who takes part at first international congress titled “Pre-Cyrillic Literacy and Pre-Christian Culture among Slavs”, held in Pushkin near St. Petersburg, Russia.
Two Macedonian authors, academician Tome Bosevski and Aristotel Tentov PhD, presented their work at the congress regarding deciphering the text inscribed on the Rosetta Stone, alongside the ancient Egyptian and Greek languages, the so-called Demotic language, which the Macedonian scholars claim is an ancient Macedonian alphabet and most probably pre-Slavic.
Professor Tentov presented the latest results from the research, elaborating the methodology of identifying the signs, words, grammar rules, dividing them into words and sentences of the ancient Macedonian syllabic alphabet.
Addressing the congress, academician Bosevski stressed the importance of the ancient Macedonian alphabet on the Rosetta Stone, taking into account it was the official alphabet of one of the early Macedonian states, created after the decay of Alexander the Great’s kingdom.
The three-day scientific convention, which gathers 70 scholars, mainly from Slavic countries, will end on Wednesday.
Leningrad State University “Pushkin”, State University for Management, Academy of Fundamental Sciences and Capital Financial Humanitarian Academy organize this international scientific congress.