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Macedonian Cities -- Skopje Churches
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St. Kliment Ohridski  ChurchSt. Kliment Ohridski  Church - Ministry Temple
The construction of the Macedonian Orthodox cathedral church, designed by Slavko Brezovski, began in 1972 and was consecrated on 12 August 1990, on the 1,150th anniversary of the birth of the church patron, St. Clement of Ohrid. This rotunda type church, with 36mx36m dimension, composed only of domes and arches, is one of the most interesting architectural examples in recent history. The church was dedicated to St. Clement of Ohrid, and the church below to the holy Mother .One of the chapels was dedicated to Emperor Constantine and Empress Elena, and the other to St. Mina, the martyr. The icons in the iconostasis were painted by Gjorgji Danevski and Spase Spirovski and the frescoes were painted by academic painter Jovan Petrov and his collaborators.

St. Dimitrija Church
The church was built in the 18th century and relegated in 1886-95. It is certain that a church had existed on the present grounds from the 13th century. According to an old myth, some Ottoman pasha disrupted the church and converted it into his harem. This was Macedonian orthodox cathedral church before the construction of the present-day cathedral church of St. Kliment Ohridski.

St. Spas - Church of the Holy Saviour
St. Spas
Today’s church, built in the beginning of the 19th century, was based on old foundations dating from the 14th century. You would be amazed by the beauty of the 10m-long wood-carved iconostases, made by master wood carver Peter Filipovski-Garka, his brother Marko Filipovski, and Makarie Frckovski, who worked on the iconostasis from 1817 to 1824.
The grave of the greatest revolutionary Goce Delcev is located in the churchyard and is placed on three small stone pillars symbolizing the three parts of divided Macedonia.

Holy Archangel Michael Church
This church, also known as the Cathedral Church of Glory, was finished in 1934. The icons in the iconostasis, as well as the whole hagiography, are copies of selected works from many mediaeval churches. The painting was done by four Russian painters: Ivan Diki, Ivan Sevcov, Boris Obrasnov, and Baron Nikola Mayedorf.

Holy Mother of God Church
The first church of the Holy Mother in Skopje was built in 1204, but later it was completely destroyed in a fire. The reconstruction and consecration of the church were done in 1834 and 1835. A century later, on 7 April 1944 Bulgarian invaders set the church on fire, destroying the iconostasis and taking many valuable church items to Bulgaria.  The church's reconstruction began on 2 October 2002, when Gospodin Gospodin Mihail, the archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia at that time, laid the first foundation stone of the new church on the place where the old church used to be.

St. Gjorgjija Church
The inhabitants of Skopje's Cair district built this church in the 1924-27 period. Severely damaged in the 1963 earthquake, it was later renovated and preserved till present day. The belfry in the churchyard was designed by Stojan Stojanov and built in 1978.

St. Pantelejmon Church
St. Pantelejmon Church
This church, dedicated to St. Pantelejmon, is located in the village of Gorno Nerezi, half way up to Mt. Vodno and is built over foundations of an older church dating back to 1164. Most of the frescos in the church date from the 12th century, but there are some which date from the 19th century. The most beautiful fresco is the one depicting the lamenting of Christ. The church is surrounded by inns and a restaurant serving traditional Macedonian food, overlooking the city of Skopje.

United Methodist Church
This church was built in the period between 1968 and 1970 and was designed by architect Janko Konstantinov.

Roman Catholic Church
It was designed by architect Blagoja Mickovski-Bajo and finished in 1977.


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