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Transportation through Macedonia
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The fastest way to the heart of the Balkans...

Choose between  Macedonia's two airports:

Skopje Airport

Ohrid Airport

The neighboring airports in Belgrade, Sofia, Tirana, and Thessaloniki can also be used, as they are all within a few hours' drive from Macedonia.


Roads make up the main transport network. The E-75 main international highway crosses the country and is the most common route for overland tourists to take for entering Macedonia. There are also good roads connecting the country with Bulgaria to the east and Albania to the west.

A network of well-maintained roads links the towns and popular tourist areas.

Bus transportation

Macedonia is linked with its neighbours and with some west European countries by both regular and seasonal bus routes. Buses from Skopje operate to and from: Sofia, Belgrade, Zagreb, Pula, Ljubljana, Thessaloniki, Munich, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Bern, Essen, Vienna, Zurich, Malme, Gothenburg.

Railway transportation

The length of the existing railway lines is 920km, with 168 railway stations.

The international Ljubljana-Athens railway line connects Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Skopje, Thessaloniki, and Athens.

Another international railway route operates between Skopje and Bar in Serbia-Montenegro.

The Budapest-Athens international railway line runs through Belgrade, Skopje, and Thessaloniki.

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