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Macedonian Cities -- Ohrid Events
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Ohrid Summer FestivalOhrid Summer Festival
The Ohrid Summer Festival takes place on 12 July - 20 August every year. This is the event of the year in Ohrid. The festival gathers artists from all over the world, offering events for everyone’s taste. A number of concerts, theatre plays, poetry readings, and ballet performances are enjoyed in the most magical atmosphere in the antique town. First held in 1961, the festival became a member of the European Association of Festivals in 1994.

Balkan FestivalBalkan Festival
Traditionally, this festival takes place in the beginning of July and hosts vocal and instrumental bands and solo singers from Macedonia, the Balkans, and neighboring countries, presenting their authentic folk creations and traditional culture through dances, songs, rites, traditional clothes, local costumes, traditional musical instruments, and handicrafts.

Ohrid International Swimming MarathonOhrid International Swimming Marathon
Each year, in the second half of August, the swimming elite throughout the world gathers in Ohrid and, starting from St. Naum Monastery, they swim along the lakeshore to the town harbor, approximately a 30-km route. In 1998 the Ohrid Swimming Marathon entered the list of 12 worldwide held marathons under the patronage of FINA -- the World Swimming Association.

Balkan Square FestivalBalkan Square Festival
This event of contemporary Balkan music is organized in the antique amphitheatre in Ohrid and has so far hosted several internationally known names, such as Vlatko Stefanovski, Miroslav Tadic, Makis Ablianitis, and many more.


Macedonian Language, Literature, and Culture Seminar
The Macedonian Language, Literature, and Culture Seminar is a major annual event that takes place in Ohrid during the month of August. It has a continual history of more than three decades and has become a famous Slavonic benchmark respected by the whole academic world.

Ohridski Trubaduri Festival
This three-day festival takes place in the middle of August. It initially started as a folk festival, but today the festival consists of three evenings: a folk, pop, and international evening. It became quite popular because some of the greatest Macedonian hits came out of this festival.


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