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Macedonian Cities -- Kumanovo Monuments
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St. George ChurchSt. George Church, Staro Nagoricane
The church was built by King Milutin on the remains of an old temple in 1313. The grand fresco decoration, dating from 1317-18, was made by well-known painters Mihail and Eutichius. The painted scenes of Jesus Christ's life are examples of the narrative and realistic style of these artists of the paleologue art era.

St. Nicholas ChurchSt. Nicholas Church
The three-aisle Church of St.Nicholas, with the bell tower in the west gallery, was erected in 1851 by well-known mason Andrei Damjanov. A number of icons, gathered from the region of Kumanovo, dating from the late 16th to the 20th centuries, are permanently displayed in the west gallery.

Holy Virgin Church in Matejce
Matejce Monastery is located 9 kilometers from the homonymous village in the surrounding area of Kumanovo. This five-dome church, constructed between 1355 and 1360, used to be a literary center during the 15th century. Since then, it has been a target of numerous attacks, both in the past and in recent times. The most recent one was during the ethnic conflict in Macedonia in 2001, when the church buildings were severely damaged. Today, life is slowly coming back to the church. The most distinct remaining frescoes are the scenes from the Old Testament, the life of Jesus Christ, and the donor’s image.


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