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Macedonian Cities -- Kriva Palanka Monuments
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Old Bazaar
In the central part of this town is the urban complex of Stara Carsija (Old Bazaar), which is a typical example of profane architecture from the 19th century, consisting of 30 buildings located on both sides of the main street.

St. Joakim Osogovski St. Joakim Osogovski Monastery
The monastery of St. Joakim Osogovski, located on the wonderful slopes of the Osogovo Mountains, dates from the 11th century and is just 3km east of the town. The monastery complex is at 825m above sea level and is the most visited monastery in Macedonia. The most important fresco-picturesque part is on its western side, painted by Papradiski, who used elements of the colorful national garb.



St. Dimitrija Church
St. Dimitrija Church in Kriva Palanka was built in 1833 at the same time when the city school was built in the churchyard. The church founder is priest David Jerej. The construction of the church and the interior carving was entrusted to the sullied workman Kitan Petrov together with Veles’s school builder. Painters Dimitar Andonov and Petar Nikolov did the church's fresco painting in two phases - in 1887 and 1894.

St. Nicholas Monastery, Psaca village
The monastery church dedicated to St. Nicholas was built in 1354 and decorated with frescoes in 1365-71. The donors were Vlatko and his father, Prince Psaca. The church's fresco-painting is one of the best Macedonian medieval paintings.


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