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Macedonian Cities -- Veles Famous for
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The artificial Lake Mladost
Just 9 km away from Veles, Lake Mladost is an ideal place to spend a weekend. Ideal for fishing, barbecue, and family picnics, the resort is very popular among the local population, as well as for people from the neighboring towns.

Poet Koco Racin (1908-1943)
Poet Koco RacinMost famous poet and revolutionary Koco Racin, the founder of the Macedonian modern poetry, was born in Veles in 1908. His poems, portraying the hard life and the never-ending struggle of the Macedonian people, left a significant mark in the Macedonian poetry. An event called Racin Meetings is held in Veles every June. This event gathers authors from Macedonia and around the world to pay respect to the life and work of this great Macedonian poet.

PastmajliiOnce in Veles, don’t miss the opportunity to taste its specialty called pastrmajlija. This pastry is made with pork, eggs, and lard, and is best if combined with strong red wine on a cold winter day.


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