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Macedonian Cities -- Veles Monuments
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Veles Clock TowerClock Tower
The Clock Tower was built in the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries. Once, the bell of the tower denoting the hours could be heard within a radius of 25km.

Memorial Monument
The monument symbolizes a German helman of the Second World War, broken in four pieces. There is a museum inside this building, where the exhibits and documents tell the history of the town during the Second World War.

Gorno Vranovci Memorial Museum
This complex of memorial museums consists of five buildings with museum items.  During the National Liberation War in Macedonia.(1941-44), Gorno Vranovci was the center of military and social activities.

Memorial Charnel House
Memorial Charnel HouseThe Memorial House, dedicated to the fallen troops in NOV (National Liberation War) from Veles and the Veles region, was constructed in 1980 as one of the largest and artistically most coherent complexes of architect Sasa Subotin and sculptor Ljubomir Denkovic, with  mosaic composition by Petar Mazev, and the horticultural design of Dragan Soljev. The monuments occupy a dominant location, which opens like an amphitheatre towards the city of Veles and is conceived as a symbolic and evocative architectural form -- “bunker.”

St. Pantelejmon Church
St. Pantelejmon ChurchThis large three–aisle basilica type church was erected by most well-known Macedonian builder Andrej Damjanov in 1840. This impressive cathedral, with its vast space and galleries, is a home to the visually striking icons painted by Dimitar Andonov Papradiski and Georgi Zografski.



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