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Events in Macedonia - October
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Interfest - Bitola
Interfest - BitolaInterfest is an international festival of classical music, held 2-12 October every year. In 2002, the festival celebrated its 10th anniversary. The 10-day festival gathers prominent musicians and renowned soloists from all European cultural centres.

Skopje Jazz Festival - Skopje
Skopje Jazz FestivalSkopje Jazz Festival is the obligatory destination for all those who enjoy good sound. Some of the greatest jazz musicians have been part of this festival, which abounds with quality and diverse contents. Enjoy contemporary jazz music or dance the night away in Brazilian, Jamaican, Cuban, Portuguese rhythm.

“Peace Unlimited” Festival“Peace Unlimited” Festival
The motto of this festival is "art in response to arms" and the seven-day activities include concerts, exhibitions, theatre plays, DJs performances, as well as workshops elaborating the art's unifying power. The festival is aimed at promoting the peace and human rights.


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