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Events in Macedonia - September
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Chamber Theatre Festival Risto Siskov - Strumica
Chamber Theatre Festival Risto Siskov - StrumicaRisto Siskov Chamber Theatre Festival is the only one of its kind in Macedonia. The story of this Strumica festival began 13 years ago with a group of enthusiastic organisers, whose ambition was to create a festival focused entirely on actors; their hard work and diligence ensured that it became one of the most reputable theatre festivals in Macedonia, very influential, and enjoying the respect of the country's elite actors. Each year the winners are given the best actor/actress award.

Kumanovo Jazz FestivalKumanovo Jazz Festival - Kumanovo
In the end of the summer or the beginning of the autumn every year, this three-day jazz festival hosts famous jazz musicians from Macedonia and all over Europe.

Manaki Film Festival
Manaki Film FestivalThe festival was established in 1979 in honour of the first cameramen in the Balkans, the brothers Milton and Janaki Manaki, who shot the first documentary in 1905 with their famous Camera 300. Traditionally, the international Manaki Brothers Festival is held in the last week of September and focuses on cinema productions with considerable creative potential prior to their popular success.

MOT Youth Open Theatre Festival - SkopjeMOT Youth Open Theatre Festival - Skopje
Established in 1976, this festival focuses on the creativity of the theatrical performances and is an ideal event for theatre lovers, who enjoy five days of theatre magic.

International Folklore Children’s Festival “Oro Bez Granici” - Skopje
The festival has a 14-year-old tradition and it takes place in the Universal Hall in Skopje. Children’s folklore ensembles from Macedonia and abroad participate in this merry festival, held 29 September-2 October.


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