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Events in Macedonia - June
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Vojdan Cernodrinski Theatre Festival - Prilep
One of the best theatre festivals in Macedonia, Vojdan Cernodrinski, has been held in Prilep every year since 1965, traditionally opening on the first Friday in June to last seven days. Over the years, a number of theatre groups from Macedonia have performed at this festival and competed for the most prestigious award. Its goal is to boost domestic theatre creativity.

Skopje Summer - Skopje
Skopje SummerSkopje Summer lasts 40 days in the period between 21 June and 31 July. Over its 25-year existence, the festival has offered an exceptionally rich and various program including concerts, theatre plays, painting and photograph exhibitions, multimedia projects, opera and ballet performances, and selected film projections. During the hottest summer months, Skopje is an open city hosting various events on its open stages, such as the Skopje Kale Fortress, the River Vardar Wharf, the mystical surroundings of Kapan An and Suli An in the Skopje Old Bazaar, and the city park. Some events take place in museums, city galleries, and theatres.

Linden Celebrations
This international poetry event is organized by the Macedonian Writers' Association and is under the aegis of the Skopje mayor. Poetry readings take place on different venues in the city, as well as in the beautiful surroundings of the Matka Canyon outside Skopje. At the end of this event, the “Literary Sceptre” Award is given to one Macedonian and one foreign participant.

AsterFest – Strumica
International Film and Video Festival of Southeastern Europe
AsterFest – Strumica
AsterFest is a new festival held in late June in Strumica and is focused on film & video works by authors from South-eastern Europe. The aim of AsterFest is to promote quality filmmakers with multicultural background, placing an accent on documentaries and other similar species. The festival program is divided into a competitive and off programme. Screenings are in closed and open air places.
AsterFest is official film festival and symposium of Project Gutenberg Europe and, promoting European public domain movies and common cinematographic heritage of our continent.


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