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Macedonian Cities -- Bitola
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Bitola, also known as “the city of consuls” is situated in the southern part of Macedonia, in the Pelagonija Valley and is 176km away from the capital. Bitola has been inhabited since prehistoric times and according to statistics it has 86,408 citizens.



Bitola history
The ancient town of Heraclea
  The Courthouse
The Amphitheatre
  St. Dimitrija Church
  St. Bogorodica (Holy Mother of God) Church
  St. Nedela Church
  Isak Beg Mosque
  Yeni Mosque
  Gazi Haydar Kadi Mosque
  Yeni Bath
  The Clock Tower
  Sirok Sokak
  Old Bazaar (Stara Carsija)
Where to eat
Pelister National Park
Famous for
  Milton Manaki (1880-1964)
  The city of consuls
Historical persons who visited Bitola
  Resad V
  Giuseppe Verdi
  Branislav Nusic (1864-1938)
  Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
Events in Bitola
  Bitola Cultural Summer
  Small Bitola Monmartre
  Monodrama Theatre Festival
  Ilinden Days
  Manaki Film Festival
  Heraklea Evenings
  Interfest - Bitola
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