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Population in Macedonia
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According to the 2002 definite census results announced in December by the State Bureau of Statistics, Macedonia has a population of 2,022,547.
Broken down into ethic groupings: 64.18% or 1,297,981 are Macedonians, 25.17% or 509,083 are Albanians, 3.85% are Turks, 2.66% are Roma [Gypsy], 1.78% are Serbs, 0.84% are Bosniaks, 0.48% are Vlachs, and 1.04% or 20,929 are other ethnic groups. There are 564,296 households and 23.1% of the total population live in Skopje. The international community found the results "fair and accurate statistical analysis and represent a correct statistical image of Macedonia. The census was based on well established international and European standards."
The capital of the Republic of Macedonia is Skopje with 467,257 inhabitants, while other significant towns include Bitola (86,408), Prilep (73,351), Kumanovo (103,205), Tetovo (70,841), Veles (57,602), Stip (47,796), Ohrid (54,380), Gostivar (49,545), Kavadarci (38,391), and Strumica (45,087).

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