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Ivan Petrusevski Wins Design Award in Greece 5 May 2009
Macedonian young artist Ivan Petrusevski has won prestigious EVGE Award for best T-shirt design. The EVGE awards were introduced in 2002 by CD, Greek leading design magazine and have many different categories for which designers can compete with works created in the previous year.
So far, only three EVGE awards have been given in Best T-Shirt Category. Petrusevski works with different forms of digital and street art. Ha has taken part in a number of shows of the NMP Non-Formal Art Collective including Pandora's Drawer (2007) and Visual Noise (2006), Project Seal (2008) and Independent Drawing Gig (2008). He is known to the Macedonian audience for his recognizable posters and placards, children book illustrations and Skopje stickers.
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