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New Promotional Activity for Millennium Finding – Adam of Govrlevo Re-branded as Adam of Macedonia 21 Sep 2006

A Neolithic figurine of Adam of Govrlevo will be promoted to Skopje public in a separate room furnished with only one glassed shelf on 30 September within the White Nights. Six years after the figurine was unearthed at the Neolithic site of Cerje near the village of Govrlevo, Skopje area, the finding is being first presented to the home public.
“We want people to see and remember it. Therefore, we will present it alone in a special museum room,” Jovan Surbinovski, Director of the Museum of the City of Skopje says.
In preparation for the home and international presentation, Adam of Govrlevo, the millennium finding will get a poster and a new campaign
“The idea is to re-brand Adam as Adam of Macedonia and start its international presentation,” young designer Gjoko Muratovski, the author of the new poster and presentation of the rare Neolithic figurine to the world says.
The refine man’s torso made in a very realistic manner unusual for the Neolithic period, was unearthed by archaeologist Milos Bilbija six years ago.
“The Museum of Humankind in Paris has shown interest in presenting the figurine, but so far we have not been able to ensure strong logistic support at home and carry through this idea. The Paris invitation is still open,” Bilbija says.
The figurine was made of ceramics and is a part of a man’s torso with deeply intruded abdomen (as with breathing in) and protruded navel and backbone.

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