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Four Lunar Markers Registered at Kokino

After a five-year research, time markers necessary for creation of a calendar have been registered in astrological observatory Kokino.
According to astrologist Gjore Canev, this proves that the observatory was well organized.
"The revelation of the time markers confirms the observatory's values at a global level. The revelation shows that there was a culture that created lunar calendars 3,900 years ago", said Canev as Wednesday's press conference, adding that besides the three Sun markers, additional four markers for monitoring of the Moon's movement were also found.
As he stated, the lunar markers provide a firm foundation that Kokino is an observatory and that a lunar calendar was developed there.
"A lunar calendar with six winter months of 29 days each, and six summer months with 30 days each was developed in Kokino, repeating itself every 19 years. Seven of the 19 years had another 30-day summer month, thus overlapping with the Gregorian calendar on the 8th year. Each second, fifth, eigth, tenth, thirteenth, sixteenth and eighteenth year had 13 months. This proves that the culture living in this region was literate, marking the calendar in a certain way", stressed Canev.
He underlined the necessity for archaeological research in Kokino in order to confirm the astrological findings.

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